Student Services

Counselling Services

The College offers free counselling services. Please refer to this brochure if you wish to learn more or book your appointment.

Social Activities

Social activities are an important part of studying at Astley English College.

Regular class field trips provide a chance for students to use their English in very real and social situations. For example:

  • A day at the Beach
  • Sydney Aquarium and Taronga zoo
  • Social tennis

Student Services

Student Services Department provide following help for students:

  • Orientation Sessions (Monday at 9am)
  • Assist students to apply for Tax File Number
  • Help with accommodation and general enquiries
  • Students event program


Counselling provided by our Welfare Counsellor is available to those studying at the College on matters ranging from private concerns to living issues.
Students can see the counselor for a variety of reasons. Everyone finds themselves in difficult circumstances at some time in their lives. Sometimes students want to speak to someone who is professional, confidential and separate from family and friends.

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