Our vision

to be a leading language college nurturing culturally diverse students with English skills for future academic study

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A message from the Director

Our mission at Astley English College is to provide each student a wonderful experience, that goes beyond learning. Through encouragement and motivation we will deliver good sound education enabling our students to develop into successful and contributing members of the community.

We are committed to providing a unique learning experience:

  • By including practical and contemporary teaching styles
  • By incorporating customised curriculum focused on teaching students modern language skills that are vital in today’s world
  • By recruiting academic staff that bring with them unique and fun teaching skills, a personal touch and a locale focus
  • By our marketing managers that will establish genuine and sincere relationships with our most valued agents; focused on delivering mutual (i.e student, college & agent) objectives!

Our values:

Respect, Positivity, Empathy, Loyalty and Fun.

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