Experience the beauty and adventure of Australia and travel around Sydney visiting the most emblematic places.

Excursions are arranged every five weeks at the end of the assessment week. These excursions allow mingling of levels and they give teachers an opportunity to get to know their students in an informal setting.

We can design programs with special English classes in the morning and cultural afternoon activities such as sightseeing, horse riding, white water rafting, Australian sports, sea kayaking, Aboriginal studies, wildlife experience & shopping.

About The Program

  • This type of program would be designed so that the morning language classes prepare the students for the afternoon activities and would be created to match students’ linguistic levels.
  • All language components are taught by experienced, qualified teachers who are regular staff at Astley English College.
astley english college

The aim of the program would be to improve students’ English skills, while at the same time giving the student the opportunity to get to know Sydney.

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