English for Academic Purposes

General English CourseEnglish for Academic Purposes (EAP3) CRICOS CODE: 0000568

The EAP course focuses on helping students to develop the necessary skills for academic study in mainstream courses at colleges and universities in Australia.

In this course, you will learn the English language skills and the cultural knowledge needed to prepare you to meet the English requirements necessary to enter VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses and university in Australia.

You will learn from how to operate in a university or college culture, how to write essays, and submit reports to a standard expected by a university or college in an English-speaking country, how to reference texts correctly and how to give a successful presentation.

Achieve your goals with us!

The ‘English for Academic Purposes’ course by Astley English College will help you prepare for higher education and IELTS.

  • Entry-level: IELTS 5.5 equivalent (Upper-intermediate)

  • Class Hours: 20 hours per week

  • Timetable Options: day or evening

  • Course Duration: 3 days a week or 5 evenings for 12 weeks

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You will have a conferencing at the end of every week (student/ teacher) to ensure that all learning objectives are met.

If you have any questions about our ‘English for Academic Purposes’ program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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