Cheap English School Sydney

Cheap English School Sydney

Lots of students have spent a time and effort to improve their English back in their home country.

Cheap English School Sydney –  But most of the time the results are not up to satisfactory level compared to all the struggles.

There are several reasons for this, but the most common problem that we observe is students practice English only in their class, which happens only a few hours a week.

That is far from enough. Here at Astley English College, we ensure that you get a holistic approach to learn the English language, as we go above and beyond to become a community like team that will guide you to success.

We offer tailored pricing and are a cheap English school Sydney to get you going!

General English

This course are aimed to improve your English in general for traveling or casual daily conversation in English speaking country.

Short term English program to enhance your English skill or long-term English program to increase your confidence in your daily life.

English for Academic Purpose

You will need to take this course if you wish to study in Australian school, college or university, and you need to improve your Formal English skill.

This course will prepare you on how to efficiently make notes from your lecturer, make a good essay for your assignment

IELTS Preparation

If you want to prepare yourselves before you take an IELTS Test.

This course is specifically designed to boost your English Course.

Our leading teachers will teach you on how to effectively manage the time given in the test, catch the important part.

Life is never dull at Astley.

Our staff is incredibly dynamic, and always looking for ways to enhance your student experience.

We make sure to organise as many social activities and excursions as possible for our students, both during the week and at the weekend, so that everyone gets a chance to put their newly learnt language skills in a real context – all while exploring beautiful Sydney and Australia at the same time!

When it comes down to a cheap English school Sydney, we always go above and beyond for our students, and we take the time to really focus on the syllabus and how to accurately prepare you all for success.

Contact us today for more information on our English courses and how we can assist you!

Cheap English School Sydney
Cheap English School Sydney
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Practice your English skills in a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment.

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astley english college
astley english college
astley english college


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